Who we are:

At Plainview Baptist

We believe Acts 2:40-47 reveals five essentials for the new testament church. Those are: Worship, Evangelism, Discipleship, Ministry and Fellowship.

Worship - where we experience the presence of God

Evangelism - that reaches out to all that do not have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Discipleship - that speaks to our needs as we live each day.

Ministry - that are effective in meeting personal, corporate and community needs.

Fellowship - that allows each of us to develop lasting, vibrant relationships with one another.

In other words, we are a body of believers that exemplifies the love of Jesus at home, work and in our community.  

Ordinary People - Extraordinary God

Welcome to Plainview Baptist Church. We are glad you took time to check us out.

Plainview Baptist Church was established in 1894 in the Plainview Community about 5 miles west of Krum on Hwy 1173. Plainview has help continuous services ever since. You will find the people of Plainview to be warm and friendly, you are only a guest once, after that you are family.


Welcome to PBC

The 7 Project

Plainview excited to be partnering with the area

churches to bring the 7 gospel to KISD on Sept 12. 

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